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The Candidate Interview Questions ProHunters Use to Make the Best Placements

ProHunters takes pride in being among the best construction staffing companies. Part of what makes us the best is our comprehensive and thorough interview process.

A construction project is a huge undertaking that can be stressful and challenging for everyone involved. By taking the time to interview job candidates thoroughly, we can help minimize stress for our clients by making sure that they have the best possible candidates for their project. By asking the right questions, we get a feel for how a candidate thinks on their feet and solves problems. This can be critical in ensuring the success of client projects. (And because we already have such a deep pool of candidates, even in this competitive hiring market, we can avoid crisis-hiring and take our time and find the right person for the job.)

We want to make sure that we're putting the right person in the right job, and our questions reflect that.

Obviously, many interview questions will be tailored to specific positions and jobs. But there are some tried-and-true, go-to questions that we almost always use when interviewing tradesmen.

Here are some of the questions our hunters use to get to know a candidate and find the perfect fit for them:

  1. How much/what kind of field experience do you have as it directly relates to X position?

  2. What kind of certifications/education do you have that would make you a fit for X position?

  3. What related projects have you worked on?

  4. How much total experience do you have on related projects?

  5. Tell me about an experience you had on a previous job where you had to handle a situation that relates to this position.

  6. Do you work best as an individual or on a team? Why?

  7. What are you looking for long-term in a company/What are your long-term career goals?

  8. Can you give me an example of a time you encountered a safety issue on a job site and how you handled it?

  9. Why are you leaving/did you leave your previous company/position?

  10. Tell me about any adversity you have experienced, how you handled it, as well as how you would handle it in the future.

  11. Would you be willing to undergo additional training/certification if the company requires/requests?

  12. My favorite question: What is something you'd want the company to know about you that would make you stand out and them say 'I want to interview this candidate'?

  13. Should the company be interested in moving forward with your candidacy, when would you be available to start? (This lets me know if they're a job-hopper or would want to give their current company notice, and relates to how they might treat our client should something happen.)

Construction is a demanding field, and no matter the position, we want to make sure that our candidates are up for the challenge. Our interview process is designed to help us get to know the candidates and to make the best possible placements for candidates and clients alike. This attention to the interview process is just one of the things that makes the ProHunters one of the best construction staffing companies in the U.S. today.

Are you hiring for specific positions or would you just like to discuss the benefits of utilizing a construction staffing firm? Contact us today!

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